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Dating with or without sexual problems, date with confidence, meet singles, lovers and friends in the UK and Worldwide

NoSexDating.co.uk was originally designed to help people who cannot or do not want sex in a relationship join a dating site and be able to meet someone special for love and companionship without any barriers and total confidence.

There are many reasons why people cannot or do not want to have sex which could be a physical or psychological condition caused by illness, disabilities, infection, birth defects, accidents, past experiences, morals, beliefs, abuse or choice

As we all know sex is a part of life, so it is very sad when a person has a barrier to sex which makes joining a dating site and finding a partner very difficult. Everyone deserves to be loved and share the good times in life with someone special, with or without sex.

Sign up for Free Membership and in your profile choose your sexual preferences i.e. can have sex, cannot have sex, do not want sex etc and start dating with confidence..

Use our Match Finder to view ALL profiles and find your perfect partner, singles, lovers and friends in the UK and Worldwide.

Relationships involve everyone, so we welcome Heterosexual dating, Gay dating, Lesbian dating, Transgender dating, Singles dating, divorced dating, widow dating etc.

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